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What is the difference between Comprehensive and Focused Programs?

Comprehensive programs are typically run between 25-40 hours per week and seek to provide a complete treatment plan for the learner to encompass all learning areas (e.g. language, communication, social skills, play skills, self-help, daily living skills, academics, and behavior concerns).

Focused treatment is often recommended for families who cannot commit to a comprehensive program or a learner who may have 1-2 specific target areas that need assistance. In a focused program, no more than three goals are worked at a give time. Intervention tends to run 10-15 hours per week. Specific targets might be toilet training, behavior reduction, or social skills training. Focused Treatment should not be considered a treatment protocol which will produce an indistinguishable learner. The goal is to address a single concern and will not address all the learners global needs.

Is there a minimum number of treatment hours required?

Yes. Learners at ALC must commit to within 5 hours of the medically necessary recommended hours by the BCBA. For example, if recommended hours are 35/week, learners must commit to at lest 30 hours of ABA to be accepted at ALC.

What approach is used at ALC?

ALC incorporates several approaches and techniques; all which are grounded in the science of behavior analysis. Approached used include: Discrete Trial Instructions, Naturalistic Teaching, Verbal Behavior, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, and Investigative Learning.

Is Parent Training Offered or Required at ALC?

Yes. Parent Training is required monthly and is offered whenever needed. Parents are an integral part of their child’s learning and ALC’s strives to prepare parents for when supports will no longer be needed by the child. It is also critical that expectations are held constant between ALC staff, school staff, parents and family members.