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Our mission

It is our belief that the needs of the learners we serve can best be met through a partnership with their parents as well as other professionals involved in their lives. Our goal is to assist parents and professionals in acquiring the necessary analytical and teaching tools in order to facilitate effective intervention and generalization for our learners.

We are committed to community outreach to educate others on the benefits of the science of behavior and provide training and support to parents, local school and autism groups.



Here at Accelerated Learning Clinic, we believe that:

  • Every child is capable of learning and has the potential to develop skills beyond their current level

  • Communication and other skills that lead to improved personal relationships and self-determination should be targeted

  • Every child should be free of behaviors that cause injury or pain and that limit opportunities of access to full community involvement

  • Evidence-based practices, founded in the science of applied behavior analysis and its underlying assumptions, will lead to the best possible outcomes

  • Functionality of all skills should be continually assessed to ensure that generalization and retention of the skills will persist over time even in the absence of ongoing instruction